Challenge Yourself With Table Sports

Table sports are a lot of fun and a great workout. Unlike other sports, they only require the space for the table and a few players. Some table sports are a better workout for the mind than the body, but they keep you on your feet and they encourage social interaction. Here are three table sports you should definitely try.

Table Tennis

Table tennis sports are played both indoors and outdoors, but if you plan to buy your own table, it is suggested that you decide between the two. The reason is that indoor tables can only be left outside for a few hours. They can be damaged by sunlight or cooler temperatures. If you plan to buy a table for outdoor use, you will want to buy one that is waterproof and rustproof for this purpose. Click here to read more about table tennis.

Table tennis develops your upper body strength. It demands quick reactions to the serves of your partner, and there is an element of challenge in the way you spin the paddle. If you are a beginner, you will probably spend a lot of time running for the ball. Once you have gained some experience, you will be better at anticipating your partner’s moves.

Table tennis has become so elevated in popularity that it is now an Olympic sport.

Challenge Yourself With Table Sports


Minnesota Fats and other pool pros made pool a very popular sport. Pool is a lot more complex than just hitting a ball into a pocket. There are several variations of this sport with different rules for play, such as eight, nine or ten-ball, one pocket or bank pool.

You can play this game by yourself, but the real challenge comes in when you play it with others. Experienced players have their own cue stick that they swear by, and they usually have a favorite way of holding the cue stick for a play. There is a fine art to pool that has a lot to do with geometric angles and where you place the cue stick to hit the ball.

The gambling habits of some pool players have sullied this sport somewhat, but there is an element of skill that remains in the game, which is why there are tournaments and competitions worldwide. Get to know more about pool gambling at


Snooker table games are a wonderful thing to watch. Snooker may look like pool to the untrained eye, but it is a far more challenging game. Balls must be pocketed in a specific order and they gain various points.

Snooker is a game of strategy. Part of the strategy is to try to defeat the moves of your partner by hitting the cue ball so that it lands in a difficult position on the table. Various complicated moves are attempted to get the correct ball into a pocket. A player must also know the exact positioning of the cue stick against the ball, as well as the correct pressure to apply to pocket the ball or send it to a specific point on the table.

Snooker is highly popular in the UK, but it is steadily gaining in popularity in the United States as well.

You can find instructions for table tennis sports and other table games online. The chances are good that you can also find clubs in your local area that you can join for a small membership fee.

Table Games

Table tennis, snooker and pool are all games played on tables. Table games are a great way to have fun indoors. Often these games are played competitively, even at the international level. When it is raining, or hot or cold outside, table games can furnish a good time inside. People often use table games to enhance parties. Generally, only two players are necessary, but depending on the game, more can play for extra excitement. Checkout Protein Promo for gym equipment.

Table tennis is commonly known as ping pong. It involves two or four players. The players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table with small lightweight paddles. You can view more on table tennis by clicking here. The game is fast and requires great dexterity and speed. There are different types of strokes and grips that players use to enhance the sport. Table tennis has been played at the Olympics since 1988.

Table Games

Table tennis originated in Victorian England. The upper class engaged in the game as an after dinner parlor game. The name “ping-pong” was trademarked by the Parker Brothers in 1901. In the 1920s, because of the trademark, various associations changed the name to table tennis. Read more about ping pong at

Another table game commonly played is called snooker. It is similar to pool, but there are some key differences. Snooker is not played in the U.S. as commonly as pool. More skill is required to play snooker than pool because the pockets are more narrow, the table is larger and the balls are smaller. It is popular in Canada, Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, India and China.

Snooker is a cue sport like billiards, pool, side pocket and carom. One of the things that distinguishes snooker from other games is the number of balls. In snooker, there are 22 balls including the white striker ball. The other balls include 15 red balls and six balls of various colors. The different colors represent different point values. Points are scored by pocketing the balls in the correct sequence.

Table Tennis Sports

Table Tennis is a game that has been around for a couple of hundred of years. This game is played between 2 and 4 players who hit a ball back and forth across a table that resembles a tennis court. This game is also considered a sport. It has been officially considered a sport by the Olympics governing body since 1988.

This game was first played in Victorian England by the upper class members of society. It was normally played after dinner. Table tennis evolved from outdoor stick and ball games. Over time people took the same concept of outdoor games and figured out a practical way to make them useful for inside sporting activities.

Keep in mind that the French were playing racket ball and tennis by the 1300’s. The English and French has a lot of social interaction and the English learned this game as well. Once they did they made variations of this game such as table tennis. Get to know more about table tennis at

Table Tennis Sports

Table tennis is now played all around the world. In some countries such as those common to Asia, the game is a huge sensation. Table tennis is not as popular in the U.S. At one point this game used to be extremely popular within American society.

Even though table tennis is not a big draw in the U.S. there are still plenty of American people interested in this game where they can compete internationally. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body for all international table tennis associations. This organization sets the rules and oversees many tournaments and matches all over the world.

Table tennis is going to be featured at the 2016 Olympic games. There will be 172 players from around the world who will compete for gold medals. These players will consists of men and women and events will be for single and team events for men and women. A Chinese competitor by the name of Ma Long is the world’s number one table tennis player according to the ITTF. He won 5 tournaments in a row and has been on a winning streak for 35 tournaments in a row. He is expected to compete in the 2016 games.

Snooker is a billiard styled game. Players use a cue and 22 balls to play. The balls have different colors which include 15 red balls worth one point each, a yellow ball worth 2 points and a green ball worth 3. There is also a brown ball worth 4 points, a blue ball worth 5 points, a pink ball worth 6 points and a black ball worth 7. Players win at snooker by knocking in balls for points according to sequence. This game was invented by British officers around 1874. Click here to view more on snooker.

The game of pool is a billiard type of competition that is often played for recreation. Pool requires a person to knock in at least 7 balls before sinking the 8 ball to win the game. The balls can either be solid or striped. They are numbered from 1 to 15. This game has been around for about 150 years and since it first debuted in the 19th century.